Your portal to the new web.

A new, open, and decentralized web is coming with the launch of the Handshake blockchain. We make the wallets and DNS resolution tools that make it accessible.


The easiest way to securely claim, custody, and
manage your Handshake tokens and domains.

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Portfolio Screen

All your transaction history in one place.

See and search all of your Handshake transactions - whether you're sending funds, bidding on names, or mining new coins - from one unified view.

Bid on Handshake TLDs with confidence.

Navigate the entire Handshake Vickrey auction process without leaving the app or sending your coins to a third party. We'll even notify you when your favorite names are available or your bids need to be revealed.

Bidding Screen
Management Screen

Manage DNS records for your TLDs.

Once you win some TLDs, manage their renewal, revocation, transfers, and DNS records just like the domain registrars you're used to.

Ledger Supported

For additional security, Bob supports the Ledger Nano hardware wallet to securely custody your coins.

Claim your Airdrop

If you participated in the Handshake airdrop, you can claim and custody your coins directly from the wallet.

Completely Private

Your coins are yours and yours alone - Bob is completely non-custodial, and only you control your private key.


Resolve Handshake domains anywhere on your Mac.

Apex brings Handshake domain resolution to every application on your
Mac. Just install the app and click start.

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Apex Screenshot